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Camino Real Kitchen

Camino Real Kitchen and Tequila is veteran-owned. At first, the original venue featured entertainment. However, the new restaurant focuses on food and drinks. Excellent! Because of this, it does a great job on both. Congrats! In addition, the restaurant features beautiful Mexican décor. Brilliant colors. Likewise, it has lively Mexican music. Engaging. So these two create a warm and pleasant atmosphere. For that reason, it is perfect for photos. Because of this, patrons comment about the decor all the time. Excellent for quick pics. For example, pictures are snapped by customers at the wine wall. Great background. Likewise, customers adore Mexican artwork. Splendid! Beautiful! Brilliant!


The menu reflects the philosophy “Mexican Inspired with California Love”. For example, enchiladas are available. Delicious! In addition, fajitas are available too. So they are awesome. Delightful! Owner Alejandro Ocampo adds that CA touch with unique fusions. Likewise, he is a genius chef. Superb! Excellent! Above all, he knows his food. For example, customers love the Crispy Chicken Teriyaki. Terrific! Scrumptious! Tasty! Some patrons say their favorite is Mandarin Orange Chicken. Wonderful. Still, others vow that Sweet Chili Thai Chicken pasta is the best. In addition, it is served with steamed white rice. Delightful. Certainly, the dab of spicy fire-roasted habanero sauce adds to any meal. Hot stuff! Yummy! Sparks your tastebuds. Great with drinks.

Culinary Creations

Alejandro is a culinary genius. Bravo! He is the creator of these dishes. In addition, he has designed handcrafted original drinks as well. For example, the cocktails are colorful and full of flavor. Superb! In addition, wine is available. Likewise, nineteen types of beer are available as well. Above all, the prices are very reasonable. In addition, take out is an option. Likewise, it is reasonable as well. Fast. Efficient, Reasonable wait time. Great.

Kids will love their menu too. Nice for kids. For example, they have a wide variety of meals for kids. Great. Servers are charming and polite with kids. They are kind and sweet with them. In addition, they are caring. They know the menu. So, the restaurant is perfect for a small party of two. Intimate. In contrast, it can accommodate a large family gathering. Excellent. The restaurant is open on weekdays as well as weekends. Certainly, use it for a business luncheon or family celebration. Bravo. In conclusion, try this amazing restaurant. Marvelous. Terrific. Splendid. You will not be disappointed. Because food and drinks are fabulous. In addition, catering is available as well. Economical. Tasty. Flavorful. A great choice. Use the Fiesta for your next event.



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