This is where we post all the video episodes. You can find all the videos of places where we have gone, what we have eaten and what drinks we had.


Bakersfield Donut Fest came to temblor so Wilfredo and Stephy went to eat some donuts! Check out this episode as we find out who has the best donuts in town! YouTube: https://youtu.be/omNQM-yTKRg Last Episode: www.boredinbakersfield.com

Cafe Med Restaurant and Deli

Stephy and Rich visit the famous Cafe Med Restaurant and Deli for lunch! This was an elegant meal with tasty drinks. They serve all sorts of Mediterranean dishes, so many wines and great cocktails all day! They also have a deli and wine store open to the public that wants to get their orders to go. Catering is also an option which they prepare every morning fresh for those orders. The restaurant also has this great ambiance and look to it for a relaxing meal. Come check this spot out located on Stockdale Highway and California Ave to experience amazing dining in Bakersfield. BoredinBakersfield • www.BoredinBakersfield.com

By The Way Cafe

Ruby and Geo visit By The Way Cafe to try some amazing dishes and coffee! Also this is a cafe located right next to Bill Wright Toyota but it has a full kitchen and delicious everything. Now watch as we demolish our way through all this food in this episode! #BoredinBakersfield • www.BoredinBakersfield.com Sign up for Updates – Register here

Los Reyes Market

Rich and Geo visited the Los Reyes Market in search of some good eats! The market has only been open for less then 6 months and is brand new! Also they have is have a full market for shopping but also an amazing taqueria inside for breakfast, lunch and dinner. Their food is just amazing, fresh dishes and all of them are definitely delicious. If you haven’t came here to eat, this is a must try! The perfect place to grab something to go or sit in with friends or family.# #BoredinBakersfield • www.BoredinBakersfield.com

Mac and Cheese Fest 2019

Stefy and Wilfredo go out to Mac and Cheese Fest 2019 this year to check out what all the buzz is about! American General Media puts this event on every year now that bring out great vendors to compete and create amazing mac and cheese dishes. They also have a bunch of beer vendors to sample, others companies giving away things and music all day including a live band like Truxton Mile! The event holds about 3,000 attendees while all of them get a glass and plate to go try all the food and beer. You get to see so many people you know out there and everyone is having a great time so if you missed it, you have to come out next year. Come along as we show you a bit of what goes on at this Mac and Cheese Fest 2019! #BoredinBakersfield • www.BoredinBakersfield.com

The BLVD Bakersfield

Geo and Ruby check out all the cool things The BLVD Bakersfield has to offer! Amazing food, fun video games, bowling, laser tag, a ropes course and a full bar! This place is the best place to bring friends and have a party. The food was perfect, the drinks were delicous but the place was so big with so many things to do that you have stay all day to try everything. This palce is the first of it’s kind here in Bakersfield and has been open for 1 year now. Watch us as we explore the place and try all the great eats! #Bakersfield#BakersfieldCA#Food#Drinks#KernCounty#BLVDbakersfield#VideoGames#LaserTag#BoredinBakersfield www.BoredinBakersfield.com

Vida Vegan at Haggin Oaks Farmers Market

Vida Vegan at Haggin Oaks Farmers Market. We visit Vida Vegan Co at the Haggin Oaks Farmers Market and our taste-buds are surprised with amazing fresh food! No meat, all vegan! So many options to try. In conclusion, if you’re a foodie check this episode out with us as we visit the new spot. Because you know you like food! Contact our web admin for any questions. www.BoredinBakersfield.com Visit us on Facebook. www.facebook.com/boredinbakersfield

Otto’s Video Games and More

Naomi and Rich had over to Otto’s Video Games and More store to check out some of the awesome things they have there! Video games, board games and places to play games! Watch this episode and let us know what games you like playing. #BoredinBakersfield Contact our web admin for any questions. www.BoredinBakersfield.com

Bakersfield Karting Experience

Naomi and Chris visited the Bakersfield Karting Experience. Now known as the Track House Bakersfield for a fun go-karting day! All sorts of games, great food, plenty of drinks. And of course some good old fashion racing competition! Check out this episode as they race for the finish line. www.BoredinBakersfield.com Sign up for Updates – Register here

Bakersfield Christmas Parade 2018 with Danny Hill

Bakersfield Christmas Parade with Bored in Bakersfield. Danny Hill hosts our segment of the annual Bakersfield Christmas Parade. Brought to you by 23ABC Bakersfield. Watch the whole parade again from Danny’s view and see the whole parade! Merry Christmas and Happy New Year. December is just around the corner, and with it comes the Bakersfield Christmas Parade. Bakersfield residents will be able to get into the Christmas spirit with the parade Thursday, which starts at 22nd and L streets. Around 100 entries are expected, including marching bands, vehicles and floats. www.BoredinBakersfield.com Sign up for Updates – Register here

Real Escape

We visit the game puzzle room place Real Escape here in Bakersfield. They to try out their awesome rooms they have to play! It’s a great place to go with your friends, family or co-workers to see if you can work together to escape the room in 60 minutes! Team building is even a great choice for a place like this. Real Escape believe family and friends are everything in life. We want to create a fun experience for all ages, and strive to do just that. You have a team of very creative minds who design and construct all our rooms. #BoredinBakersfield Contact our web admin for any questions. www.BoredinBakersfield.com

Sonder Restaurant

NiNi Alvary and Jorge Alvarado explore Sonder Restaurant and all the great things it has to offer! So many good foods and amazing drinks! This is the place to go for brunch on any day or drinks with your friends! #Bakersfield #KernCounty #Sonder #Food #Foodies #BoredinBakersfieldwww.BoredinBakersfield.com Sign up for Updates – Register here

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