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1933 – Episode 3

We explore, eat and drink at 1933 a brand new venue here in Bakersfield, California! The food is great, the drinks are good and the music makes you want to dance. Get your New Years plans ready with your VIP! #Bakersfield #BoredInBakersfield #Food #Eat#Dance #NYE #Venue

Home for the Holidays – Episode 2

“Home for the Holidays!” Episode 2 featuring T.j. Esposito on the Foss Kern River Golf Course. We visit McMurphy’s Irish Pub and Rosemary’s family creamery in this episode so come with us on a journey not to be bored in Bakersfield, California! Series by: Blue Sky Media #BoredInBakersfield

The First Haunting Search – Episode 1 Season 1

"Bored in Bakersfield" First Episode Featuring Zombie Apocalypse Gear of Bakersfield, Padre Hotel and Curbside Kitchen with Ricky Marsel and Richard Joseph Forrester Enjoy! HAPPY HALLOWEEN! #Bakersfield #BoredInBakersfield #PadreHotel #ScaryPlaces #GoodFood #FunStuff

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